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How long do the training courses take?

Our self access courses can be worked through at your own pace. Some students work through the lessons in a few weeks, others take several months to complete the course.

How much time will I need to spend on the homework assignments?

Some homework tasks can be easily completed within an hour, a few will require you to organise meetings and take several hours to complete.

How much contact will I have with the tutor and other students?

You will get personal feedback on each homework assignment you submit, and can message the course tutor with any questions you may have about the lessons and assignments. There are monthly drop-in live webinars, and discussion topics at the end of each lesson providing a space for students to interact with one another and share inspiration, learning and resources.

Will your courses qualify me to act as a celebrant?

Whilst the course certificate is not a qualification to conduct legally binding ceremonies, our training courses are designed to equip you with all the skills and knowledge you will need in order to work as a celebrant, and offer a professional service.  

No formal qualifications are required in order to act as a celebrant and conduct ceremonies such as funerals, handfastings, renewals of vows, and baby namings, as well as non-legal wedding ceremonies. Regulations as to who may conduct a legal wedding vary widely from country to country. In the UK and in many other countries celebrant led weddings commonly take place separately from and in addition to legal wedding ceremonies

On completion of the course, would I be registered anywhere for people to find my services?

If you are an OBOD member, you will be able to join the celebrant listings on the OBOD website.

Do I need insurance to practice as a celebrant?

Insurance may not necessarily be required, but may be advisable if you are offering your services professionally. We are not able to offer further advice regarding insurance as the provisions and requirements vary widely in different countries.

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