Celebrating Earth: a continuing professional development course for nature inspired celebrants

An online course delivered in six face-to-face webinars.
Special introductory price £255.

Would you like to enrich your practice of celebrancy, connect deeply with the inspiration of nature, reflect on the spiritual aspects of your work and bring more magic, richness and resonance to your ceremonies?

With outdoor ceremonies to celebrate the most important events in people’s lives becoming increasingly popular, nature inspired rituals are not just for pagans, druids and tree huggers: everyone – celebrants and clients alike – wants their ceremonies to feel truly magical!

From the directions and elements, to sun and moon cycles, spirits of place, and plant and animal lore; the natural world is an endless source of inspiration and enchantment that we can connect with and draw upon in our ceremonies for all rites of passage.  Aimed at practicing celebrants of all faiths and none, this course is designed to help you deepen your connections with the natural world; and to expand and strengthen your sources of support and inspiration, equipping you to create and conduct magical ceremonies for all occasions.

Special introductory price £255.

Underpinning the whole course is an approach to celebrancy as service, in the context of nature based spiritual practices, and a focus on the creation of authentic ceremony.


Session 1: Walking the Bright Paths

We’ll begin with an exploration of contemporary approaches to nature-based spirituality. You’ll be invited to reflect on your own beliefs and outlooks, and to consider how you resource and support yourself for the work of celebrancy. We’ll examine the Druidic concept of the ‘Five Spirits of the Circle’  – Ancestors, Tribe, Place, Time and Journey – and look at how this template can be applied to ceremonial work.

Session 2: Doing the Groundwork

We’ll begin our journey through the elements with a delve into the associations of North and Earth. We’ll look at ceremony structure, ancestry, customs and traditions. We’ll consider concepts of embodiment, and explore – and build – our network of relationships with the more than human world.

Session 3: A Breath of Fresh Air

In our third session we’ll explore the associations of the East and of Air, with reference to ceremony preparation, opening words and the communication skills we use in the different stages of celebrancy work. We’ll think about the different forms of language used in ceremony, explore the concepts of prayer, blessing, enchantment and invocation and consider how we can make use of these forms in authentic ways, whatever our beliefs and outlooks.

Session 4: Fire in the Belly

Exploring the associations of the South and of Fire, we’ll shine a light on the dynamics of ceremony, and explore ways to facilitate participation and connection for the families and communities we work with. We’ll get to the heart of things as we focus on the transformational aspects of ritual, and consider how to create powerful and uplifting experiences through the ceremonies we conduct.

Session 5: Going with the Flow

Diving into the associations of the West and of Water, we’ll reflect on ritual and ceremony as acts of mytho-poetic imagination, and as vessels for healing. We’ll take a deeper look at symbolic rites, and feel into ways of holding space for the profound emotional moments that arise in our ceremonies.

Session 6: Course Evaluation and Ceremony of Completion

Our final session will include opportunities for students to share and reflect on the written and practical assignments completed during the course, and we will complete the course with an online ceremony, marking your completion of the course and the beginning of an exciting new phase of your celebrant’s journey.


The webinars will be accompanied by course materials including video and audio presentations; downloadable documents, guided meditations, resource lists and suggestions for your own research. The sessions will be recorded and the course and all materials will remain accessible and free to review at any time.

Each session is followed by practical and written assignments to be completed in your own time. These webinar sessions will be supported by an interactive course platform where students can submit assignments and receive one to one feedback on their work.



River Jones is a celebrant with over twenty years’ experience of delivering bespoke ceremonies for people from all walks of life. With a background in adult education and community outreach she worked for over fourteen years at the University of Sussex, where she taught and convened courses ranging from Creative Writing through to Shamanic Consciousness. She has been course director at School of Celebrancy since 2015, and is a sought after workshop leader and speaker, contributing to events and publications for the Celebrants Collective and the Association of Independent Celebrants.


The content was exactly what I was hoping for and more! Using the directions as the framework for each aspect of celebrancy was spot on. – Heather Pfeifer


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